AI in Medicine

Example of using AI for epileptic diagnosis.

In our research, we focus on investigating the use of signal processing tools for biomedical diagnosis. In order to assist neurologist and biologist during their daily activity and save the time spent in the manual processing of the records, we need focus on building efficient machine learning models based on the extraction of pertinent and discriminative features for the prediction of biomedical signals.

Feature extraction and classification framework.

Our proposed AI models focuses on the following points:

  1. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) features
  2. Improving the raw data quality and reducing feature vector size
  3. Improving the classifier robustness or sensitivity to noise.
  4. In our different studies, we targeted the following aspects:
Abderrazak Chahid
Abderrazak Chahid
PhD in Artificial Intelligence

My research interests include feature extraction, real-time implementation of smart decision making systems.