Quantum Estimation


In order to improve the biomedical signal quality, we designed different algorithms based on a quantum method called Semi-Classical Signal Analysis (SCSA) [1]. This method has the ability to decompose the input signal/image into a set of components based on the Eigen-spectrum of the Schrödinger operator.

We targeted different biomedical applications:

  1. MRI image enhancement using adaptive algorithm based on image segmentation
  2. MRS residual water suppression using the squared eigenfunctions of the Schrödinger operator
  3. Complex MRS signal denoising using SCSA-based soft thresholding.

This work was under the supervision of professor Meriem laleg (KAUST).

Useful references

[1] https://emang-kaust.github.io/index.html

[2] https://cemse.kaust.edu.sa/emang/quantum-based-signal-processing

Abderrazak Chahid
Abderrazak Chahid
PhD in Artificial Intelligence

My research interests include feature extraction, real-time implementation of smart decision making systems.